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In Person Doula

Only available for selected SoCal areas

Limited availability, please request soon

What makes me unique is my 360 approach. Most doulas focus on birth, or postpartum. I work with you through the whole journey. From pregnancy, through birth, and postpartum. Making sure you are supported both in person and online, have full education and guidance, and feel at your best through it all, mind and body.

By working with you for this long, and so closely, I am also able to read and best support your needs.

I also acknowledge that, birth is just a little part of the journey, but not the whole experience. Women need support every step of the way, to be empowered and make informed decisions throughout.

I have been lucky to have attended all kinds of births and settings, and I can confidently say, we can make of every birth, every ambiance, and even every unexpected, the best birth experience possible.

Doula at Home


As soon as you hire me, and until 12 weeks postpartum (most stop at 6-8) you have access to me via text and email, and I will reply to you within 12hours max.

We will also meet once a month via zoom for at least an hour, to educate and guide you on how to best support your pregnancy, questions for your medical team, as well as birth and postpartum prep in every way!

We will also meet 2 times in person, once in your 2nd trimester and once in your 3rd trimester, for at least 3h each session, to prepare for birth, including with your partner too.

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I will be on-site with you during birth whether it is at home, at a birth center or hospital.

From week 36 to week 42 I will be on call for you 24/7, and I won't travel more than a 2h radius so that I can be accessible when labor occurs. During those weeks you will also have access to me 24/7 for any potential labor questions you may have.

I do attend c-sections too, whether you are having a scheduled one, or an emergency one, I will be able to be with you and support you emotionally through it too so that you can have the best experience no matter what.

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I will visit you at home twice during postpartum, at least 3h each session. During these sessions, we will work on postpartum nutrition, breastfeeding, recovery, schedule, home organization, mindset, emotional support, and much more.

You will also have access to me via text and email until 12 weeks postpartum for any questions and concerns you may have.

During pregnancy, we will also work via zoom on breastfeeding prep, mom care prep, and postpartum prep ahead of time for a preventative approach, to minimize struggles.

Request in person doula service
Is this you fisrst birth?

Thanks! We’ll send you an email with availability and fees shortly.

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